Electrolysis by Susan Hanson                  Serving the Greater Longview, Texas Area                                        




                                                                 PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL                                            Located between Gilmer, Diana, and Ore City, Texas

The fall and winter months is the best time to have the bikini line and underarms worked on.
Then you will be beautifully smooth and hair free in your swimsuit and sleeveless tops.
Or for that special occasion.

I primarily offer Electrolysis or Permanent Hair Removal.

I will remove the unwanted hair on your face.  This includes the hairline, eyebrows, uni-brow, upper lip, cheek, sideburns, ears, chin, and neck.

Body work includes chest, nipples, underarms, abdomen, bikini area top and sides, shoulders, back, arms, legs, fingers, toes.

I will treat women in all areas listed above.
I do face, back, and fingers only on men.
I do facial work only on transgenders, then will evaluate
   on an individual basis.
I will treat underage females depending on severity of
   unwanted hair and with parental presence.

I can release ingrown hairs.

Upon request, I am able to treat small skin tags as well as white heads and black heads. 

You will leave with after care instructions.

Phone and Text
Monday 2:00 PM to 8PM
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7:30AM to 8PM
Friday 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Located at 200 Private Road 2090, Gilmer, TX 75645
Driving directions available by e-mail, phone, text and mail.
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